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Photo Pete wrote:

Hi Christof,

Yes, I realise that release priority being set to on would give more blurry photos, but with release priority set to off the camera hesitated and stumbled in its frame rate. If I had been shooting sporting action that would have probably caused me to miss the decisive moment. Even a slightly out of focus image of the critical point in the action is better than no image at all (imho).

The odd thing is that with release priority set to off the camera still missed focus on 2 of the 5 images it did manage to capture.

Interesting that you say the AF system only works on vertical detail. Is that true for all focus points (the peripheral points on the D800 work like that, but the central points use vertical AND horizontal detail)?

I was using the Oly 14-150 micro 4/3 lens.
Have Fun
Photo Pete

Yes, all focus points are vertical. Had to get used to it, needed some days in my case.

The Contrast AF also locks on vertical structures, but the PDAF seems to be very picky. Maybe because it is using every 16th pixel only.

The 14-150 is not a bad lens. I see stumbling AF if there is not enough light (should be at least comparable to ISO1600 and 1/200s) and if there are no vertical details.


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