GBH Flight Sequence from Great Falls on the Potomac River

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Re: GBH Flight Sequence from Great Falls on the Potomac River

Strategist wrote:

Fish Chris wrote:

Very nice GBH shots. Like the BG a lot too.

Just curious why you used 1/4000 and 1/5000th ? I often prefer the wings of a bird to be totally sharp and unblurred.... however, this can usually be achieved with larger birds, at 1/2000th, or even 1/1600th....

When learning my 7D, I had graduated up to as fast as 1/3200.... and I thought that was fast... but even at 1/3200, I saw considerable photo quality degradation, and ended up going back to at least 1/2500... or slower... and in fact, thinking more about pushing it down to the slower end, using my new tripod more often....

But in any case, these are very nice I love GBH's



Hello Fish, the shutter speed was automated since I tend to shoot BIG in aperture priority. In this case, I was focused on a GBH that was closer to me and fishing with the grey rocks of Great Falls in the background. I set the F5 to try and blur the background as much as possible without doing damage to the bird. Though the camera and tripod were on the closer bird, I noticed this one flying from left to right and simply moved quickly to the camera and started shooting the heron in flight. Had I not been watching the fishing activities of the closer bird, I might have adjusted to F7.1 or 8 in order to give me a bit more DOF since I had the falls in the background.

I haven't noticed a degradation in going to the faster shutter speeds, but that is something that I will need to experiment with and see what I get. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Right on. That explains it.

When I mentioned degradation of PQ, regarding faster shutter speeds, I didn't mean to say,
degradation directly from the faster shutter speed, but rather, because a faster shutter speed (when the camera is adjusting other aspects (such as in TV) will cause the ISO to go higher...

So like when I'm shooting in TV (much of the time when I'm birding) speeding up my shutter, indirectly gives me more noise.



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