My review: Fuji X-T1 vs the Nikon Df

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Re: Meaningful comparison: Fuji X-T1 vs the Nikon Df

Midwest wrote:

sgoldswo wrote:

stuartgolden wrote:

Full frame this, SLR that. For me what it comes down to is what would you want to lug around all day around your neck.

For me - the left wins!

You still won't convince the OP, who likely gets winded from shuffling cards.

No need to get nasty.

Just saying I have carried think glass and now that there is a very decent quality system that is substantially lighter and has a VERY decent set of glass that is orders of magnitude lighter - I'm happy to thoughtlessly grab the fuji on any occasion.

The best camera quite frequently is only the one you have with you when the moment happens.

Frankly I do not think I am alone when you own Full Frame gear with great heavy glass optically wonderful lenses - that the bulk of talking a single big glass zoom often has people mentally saying "naw" and either leaving them at home, or grabbling a pocket camera in lieu of living with heavy gear.

I'm sure we can pixel peep and spend days arguing the virtues of full frame, big glass, etc - and we all know that the heavy kit will win MOST arguments MOST of the time.

Except the more subliminal - would you grab it every time you ran out the door.

Those of us who walk and are inspired daily - and live with our gear and glass around or necks - there comes a time when you begin to break down and decide to make those decisions about what to carry and how to limit the bulk.  Some of us do indeed get older - develop bad backs, arthritis - etc.  Even some whom become winded.

It's nice for those, to have substantially lighter options that also produce wonderful results.  In fact - I suspect if this sort of gear was available and in my hands when I was 18 - I would have carried the gear a lot more and would have captured many more of those fleeting moments when the subject, light, and lens all happen to be in the right spot.

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