Some new infos about dp2Q from the touch and try event. + JPEG samples from Yodobashi and MapCamera

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Re: noise is still not convincing, but the lens is

PrebenR wrote:

Usee wrote:

PrebenR wrote:

The photos indicate at least one stop improvement in low light.

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Lightwriting with Sigma
«Bad reputation» you know the real sensitivity of the DP2Q in comparison to the DP2M?

You know, that it could be, that the photos which are marked as ISO 800, could also be ISO 400: long as the sensitivity issue is not clear, like it is even in this case: long it is really not more than a indication...

...and I have seen the indication, that the DP2M ISO is close to the true ISO,

but the DP2Q ISO is not...

Based on what, gut feeling? Get real.

Based on the EXIF and the pictures from the DP2Q vs. D800 comparison, provided by Sigma:

That's real - or what do you propose?

...Fuji and Olympus were AFAIK first in showing a noise improvement, mainly based on different ISO numbers and not on actual improvements:

So what does that have to do with Sigma. Olympus is even convicted of major fraud.

Well, Sigma itself gave the indications with the D800 comparison, that their own DP2Q ISO numbers may be "a bit off".

...therefore a ISO 800 OOC JPG shot may correspond to a measurable ISO 400 sensitivity..., maybe one has to compare ISO 800 from the DP2Q with ISO 400 from the DP2M,

if latter has a ISO setting similar to the D800., we still have to wait for the final conclusions.

This from the guy who constantly draws conclusions?!!!!

I am used to think permanently...

...therefore conclusions happen...

...but I'm aware, if they are final, or not...

...they are final (in this case), if a final decision was made - to buy, or not to buy.

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Lightwriting with Sigma
«Bad reputation»

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U see?

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