broken 40-150R replacement: WWYD?

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Re: broken 40-150R replacement: WWYD?

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To the OP: If you are dead set on restoring redundancy, buy another 40-150 R. They've been as low as $119 new in the US. You won't get anything lighter, better, or cheaper no matter how long you wait.

I am going to keep my eye open for a good price on one....If it gets down around the price you mention I may buy it again.

If you live in the USA/Canada, they have reconditioned 40-150mm lenses (both the silver and black) on sale at the outlet store right now for $119.99: Olympus outlet store lenses. Note, the reconditioned warranty is only 90 days. If you buy reconditioned many times the lens/camera is like new, either Olympus is managing excess inventory (with a 'scuffed' box), or it is a return where the user decided they didn't like the camera, and it is essentially unused. However, I imagine some reconditioned lenses were used hard.

If you want to save even more, Olympus has recently been offering some 10-20% off sales at the outlet stores around the weekends of US holidays (Presidents Day, Memorial Day, etc.) July 4th is coming up, and you might get lucky (or perhaps people will buy up all of the lenses, and you will have to wait until they get more stock). has one for $126: KEH micro 4/3rds 40-150mm


I didn't notice what lenses you already had. Given you have the 14-150mm, you would need to ask yourself whether the 40-150mm offers more bang for the buck in terms of image sharpness than just using the 14-150mm. I've only shoot with the 40-150mm at an Olympus sales event a few years ago, but my memory says it is roughly the same size and just a tad lighter than the 14-150mm. Yeah, if you didn't have the 14-150mm, I would say get the cheap 40-150mm, but I'm not sure with the 14-150mm. I have the 14-150mm lens, and have never been interested in the 40-150mm for that reason.

My 40-150R seemed sharper than my 14-150. I bought it because I saw it new for $99 and I couldn't stop myself. I'm not sure that KEH lens is the may be the earlier version, though I'm not sure that matters that much.

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