What 3rd party lens makers should do...

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Thx for your in depth reaction!

uRebel Rob wrote:

I would like more third party lenses, too. Both of the "same but cheaper" and "unfilled niche" type. Butt...

Jorginho wrote:

So we have the new, boring tamron at a price higher than the Panasonic. Just a big bore.
We have Samyang/Rokinon and we have Sigma who tend to just put another fitting on their lens and call an APS-c designed lens a mFT one....

What if they designed a m43 lens so it would work on APSC bodies? If you're complaining about size, it matters most on shorter FLs. Once you get beyond 100mm or so, the FL and apterture determine the size, and image circle makes a fraction of the difference. (Totally agree about the samyang 10mm being way too big and long.)

I don't think there's enough space to support all the lenses you listed, but I'd like to see many of them. My thoughts on them...

Overall, OIS, yes, good idea. Better fit for all cameras.

How about (on of) these line ups.

1) Budget line (better call it Enthusiast, sounds better):

Small, cheap and reasonable IQ. Not the fastest glass so it can be small. OIs bar the 10-20 mm. Costs: 300-400 euro or so.

- 10-20 mm f4,5 to f6,7

meh. Very close to 9-18 f4 - f5.6. Cheaper though might work.

- 13- 75 mm f4,0 to f5.6

Really? The just announced 14-150 covers this range pretty much. Not sure how popular it'll be.

- 65-200 f4,5 to f6,7

Now we're talking. Not going to get it since I already have the 100-300 though...

- 200-450 f4,8 to f6,7

Oh Ya! I want this. It'll be very large, though, as a 200-450 will be long, no matter FF, APSC, or m43.

2) IQ line: very good IQ, glass not slow nor fast. OIS and Weathersealed/dustsealed.
Costs: 500-650 euro or so.

Weather sealing + OIS = Yes! I want more of these mid-level lenses.

- 8-16 mm f4 to f5,6

Hmm, close to the 9-18 and 7-14. Squeezing in between the two? If same price or cheeper than the 9-18 with as good IQ, I might have looked at it, but just got the 9-18...

- 12,5 - 60 mm f3,5 to f4,5

I like this better than the cheap 13-75 you mentioned, but not sure if I'd buy it.

- 50-200 mm f4 to f5,6

Again, very tempting, and this time different enough from the 100-300. Still, there was the old and low quality panny 45-200 to compete against.

- 200-400 mm f4 to f5,6

Ah, better. A range not yet covered, and one I'd dream of having, but is the niche big enough? Again size will be an issue for most m43 users.

3) Excellent line: fast glass with size still in mind. OIs, weathersealed, dustsealed etc.

Costs: 650-900 euro

- 8 to 16 mm f 4

To directly compete against the 7-14 f4? Weathersealing and price will be good, but enough to draw people away from the two 7-14s? If it did filters, I'd think about it replacing my 9-18 for sure.

- 12,5 -37,5 f2,5 to f3,5

Cheaper alternative to the 12-35 and 12-40? Both those are constant f2.8, so it'l be a tough battle. Popular range, though.

- 37,5 - 125 f3,2 to f4

Interesting range there.

- 125-300 mm f3,5 to f4,5

Tempting. Weathersealed and 2/3 stop faster vs shorter range than the 100-300. Still I would like a higher end lens that the 75-300/100-300.

- 250-500 mm f4 to f5,6

This gap is there, but again, the lens will be large. I'd be interested, but again not sure if I'd buy.

The excellent line: Easy to for instance thake the 37,5-125 and combine it with either the 12-35 mm which people may have or the 12-40 people may have. Could be smart.
125-300...Nice combination with the 40-150 Oly or 35-100 Panny. In both cases the overlap or not used FL is not too much of problem I think.

But make some comprehensive and complete line ups. M43s is lacking there!

Again: won't happen, just my dreamscenario.

Sometimes dreams come true!

Yes, but this one won't.

Just a few points:

13-75 mm would be a lot smaller than the 14-150 and would have OIS, which the 14-150 lacks (either Oly or Tamron).

Many lenses I chose are indeed in between, to make it viable for both systems so you can combine Panny/Oly lenses with (say: Sigma) So if you buy the Sigma 12.5 -37,5 f2,5 f 3,5 you can buy teh 40-150 Oly if you want that. Or the 35-100 Panny. No problem in both cases.

I think the same is true for 125-300. Still reasonably nice for a combo with the 35-100 and would also be good with the 40-150 Oly I Think.

But for such a line up there is no money, too much risk etc. So I understand.

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