Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer Shootout

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Light Cannon

RRRoger wrote:


First off, I do not believe your charts.

I do.

If the competition delivered images that blurry, no one would buy them, we would be hearing plenty of complaints.

I got a Light Cannon for an experiment.

Wide open with a variety of lenses it IS that bad.....that's why it is now down to $50 and sold as a soft focus adapter.

It is actually not too bad stopped down with some lenses......most focal reducers increase IQ for at least part of the range......the Light Cannon is more like a poor to average 2x converter with a decrease of IQ.

I think it is ok for non-critical use as a "focal reducer" if you want a wide angle lens but not as a "speed booster"  .......other than in the sense of f5.6 becoming f4 or f8 becoming f5.6.

Might have some uses for video......might even be good with the likes of a GH4, good lens stopped down and 4k.

I bought a Nikon the GH3 adapter from MetaBones and sent it back.

I had no problem with image quality or brightness improvement but

I am not good at manual focus, thus it was nearly worthless to me.

Besides build quality, what the SpeedBooster does obviously have over the competition is the mounting foot and an aperture ring.

What are the chance of a Nikon to 4/3 version that transfers the electrical contact like you have done for Canon?

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