GBH Flight Sequence from Great Falls on the Potomac River

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Re: GBH Flight Sequence from Great Falls on the Potomac River

Combat By Design wrote:

There we go! That's more like the zoom I was getting...and I LOVE that full shot. (like... LOVE it.)

What tripod were you using, and how were you set up (as far as tightening the head/swivel and what not)?

I'm getting my feet wet with wildlife, so I've got about a zillion any time if you get sick of answering just tell me to shove it...haha

Happy to offer any assistance, Combat.  If fact, when I looked at the full frame shot, I thought I might like that one best, too.  I had over 600 photos to process from my last outing, and sometimes I simply copy the adjustments from a first shot in a series, and paste them into the other shots in the series (using Lightroom 5.5).  This time, I think that I should have been less aggressive with the pasting.

I have used a Gitzo 3540XLS with a Wimberly Sidekick for many years, now, with both my 200-400 and 500mm lenses.  I find that I really need that kind of stability with these lenses.  I have a RRS Ballhead, but only use it with shorter lenses.  The Sidekick makes it very easy to loosen either the horizontal or the vertical (or both, as in this series of GBHs) so that I can move more quickly.  However, when I left the GBH site, I went to another where I used the same combination for taking shots of a Red Bellied Woodpecker who has a nest he is visiting quite often.  In that situation, I wanted to keep the vertical locked and the horizontal free to shoot him when he exited the next.

I goofed up and took another tripod that has the RRS Ball head on it during one shoot.  I was using the 500mm to take photos of a night time rocket launch, and not tightening the ball head enough, the weight of the lens caused the camera to tilt forward quickly and really pinched the heck out of my hand!  I still use the ball head with my 70-200 and anything lower than that.

No problem with any questions.  You can also email through my website at

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