Canon 6D BIF is it capable enough?

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Re: Canon 6D BIF is it capable enough?

Dexs wrote:

But is the 6D capable of taking decent photographs of BIF? 90% of my photography is wildlife and most of the subjects are static, but I need a camera capable of taking good images of moving objects. I have considered the 7D as well but for some reason keep on coming back to the 6D.

I would appreciate your help and thoughts in this matter.


Of course, any current dSLR is capable of taking decent photos of BIF, including 6D.

But 5D3 has a very nice, complex and flexible AF system who makes the job easier to be done. "Easy" is perhaps not the best word because some times action photos with birds are far from "easy" to be taken and many things may not rely just on camera alone. Anyhow, I would say the photographer needs considerably more experience if he uses 6D for action photos with birds compared to using 5D3. Practically you would need to follow subject / action just with central AF point with 6D, and this is not a trivial task. With 5D3 you have a lot more options.

Besides this, 5D3 is a very flexible camera which allows changing several settings very quickly; AF system and not only. Of course, 6D is far from being unusable, but again you would need more experience and you may fail in more situations.

Another drawback with 6D when used in action photography is minimum T = 1/4000s.
This shot was taken with 1/6400s (camera = 7D, back in 2011):

(sorry not available in high resolution at the moment of editing this post)

I had the chance to experiment on site with shutterspeeds starting with 1/2000s and all results had motion blur until I reached 1/6400s, as in image above. Was not very happy to use such a short T since I needed to raise ISO accordingly, and with 7D this was not very funny. Some might say minimum 1/4000s is not a drama, and they are right for most situations.

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