Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

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Beg pardon ?

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Let me ask u the ? I showed up at your wedding with a sony a? what every - what would u do.

What I would do is give u a smack in the head - But that would not happen to me - I would have enough sense to ask what kind of equipment u would be using. u might get away with it if it was an old folks wedding- when all the guest r over 60 and move very slowly.

this is just about the silliest thing I have ever read

most people wouldn't know a Nikon from a Canon from a Sony and if they even had half a brain when they hired you they would have seen your portfolio and would know your work.

if someone hires you because of the camera you use and not because they like your work they are a fool and frankly if you take the job so are you

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I was out with a large group of people and I was taking photos with my my large DSLR and a 50 f1.2 lens. I managed to snag a number of very nice pictures.

One of the couples was impressed enough to ask me to take some family photos at their home (before a dinner party).

When I arrived with my RX1 they were crestfallen as they were hoping that I would shoot them with my "good camera".

With respect, this is a meaningless comparison.

With equal respect - it is not meaningless.

A friend (or a friend of a friend) noticed you have a big camera that you like to use and asked to snap some photos of them. Of course they were disappointed when you showed up with a point and shoot. You were invited because of appearance not output. This was a "job" of convenience, not necessity which is exactly the opposite of the OP's situation.

An erroneous inference on your part. They were in fact impressed with the output.

The problem was that they associated it with the camera as well as the photographer. As long-standing friends they have seen many of my photographs.

Generally, the only people that weigh a photographer by the appearance of his/her gear are outside the hiring chain.

Make that a "very generally". The hiring chain isn't as long or complex as you suggest and all people are tremendously impacted by appearance.

The gent in question is a Magna cum Laude graduate of Harvard and one of NY's top bankers. Even "scary smart" people make emotional associations.

Savy service providers understand that and use it to work to their advantage.

People that have the ability or interest to hire look at portfolio's and operate through referrals.

They do; but when you are competeing against many other people with a similar level of ability those differences count.

Want the job; look the part.

No one is shooting a Rockefeller wedding with a Sony A7.

Of course there are people that are capable of transcending that reality (Ryan Brenizer, etc.) but my guess is that those folks aren't on DPR looking for advice.

I explained that the little camera was "just as good" but they were not entirely convinced despite the fact that they ultimately liked the shots.

Appearances matter a great deal in life. Not always fair but always true.

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