The 1" Sensor Trend

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Re: The 1" Sensor Trend

Dale108 wrote:

Will Pentax introduce a compact with a 1" sensor? Now that Panasonic has with the new FZ1000 and potentially with the LX8, should the MX-2 have a similar sensor? I am not sure that Pentax/Ricoh can keep using the smaller sensors for much longer. Yes the 1/1.7 " in the MX-1 and Q7 are not bad, butthe larger sensor trend is upon us.


Interesting question . . .

For the MX-2, IMHO, it makes sense to me. No legacy of lenses to worry about.

For the Q . . . at first thought . . . I think . . . is it one of those damned if they do and damned if they don't sort of thing. If they introduce a larger sensor . . . does it mean larger lenses?

If the goal is to sell more units it may make sense.

Although I wonder if there is a chance to make it a . . . have your cake and eat it too sorta of thing.

Introduce the larger sensor. Have some larger lenses to take advantage of it. But then still have it able to use the older lenses, but in a cropped mode.

Then you're going after 2 markets. The ones that want the larger sensor. And keeping the market that got the Q in the first place because it is so small.


EDIT: . . . but with a single product and single mount. One body does double purpose. It's a 1 inch sensor camera. But it doubles as a small fun camera too.  ?

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