What 3rd party lens makers should do...

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What 3rd party lens makers should do...

So we have the new, boring tamron at a price higher than the Panasonic. Just a big bore.
We have Samyang/Rokinon and we have Sigma who tend to just put another fitting on their lens and call an APS-c  designed lens a mFT one. Never in my life will I buy one. THey are undermining the mFT system in that way to my mind.

What do I want (I know I am being totally unrealistic here):

1) There are enough gaps in the system, fill them with a comprehensive line up
2) mFTs has more than 50% of all the shots on flickr in the mirrorless world. That is the best statistic I found as to how much the system is used (thanks to Marty4650 or some Marty with a similar number).

1) I do not need yet another copy of a similar FL! Cut it out! We have the 14-150 Oly, we have two 14-140 Panny'. That'll do, thanks!

2) I do not need nonstabilsed lenses. I have Oly and I have Panasonic bodies. Who knows what the future may bring. I know have EPL5 and GH4. I need to be able to use both bodies with the same lenses without too much to think of. I am not the only for sure and other not in that position might come in it when the other manufacturer makes their (almost) ideal cam.

What to do?

How about (on of) these line ups.

1) Budget line (better call it Enthusiast, sounds better):

Small, cheap and reasonable IQ. Not the fastest glass so it can be small. OIs bar the 10-20 mm. Costs: 300-400 euro or so.

- 10-20 mm f4,5 to f6,7
- 13- 75 mm f4,0 to f5.6
- 65-200 f4,5 to f6,7
- 200-450 f4,8 to f6,7

2) IQ line: very good IQ, glass not slow nor fast. OIS and Weathersealed/dustsealed.
Costs: 500-650 euro or so.

- 8-16 mm f4 to f5,6
- 12,5 - 60 mm f3,5 to f4,5
- 50-200 mm f4 to f5,6
- 200-400 mm f4 to f5,6

3) Excellent line: fast glass with size still in mind. OIs, weathersealed, dustsealed etc.

Costs: 650-900 euro

- 8 to 16 mm  f 4
- 12,5 -37,5  f2,5 to f3,5
- 37,5 - 125    f3,2 to f4
- 125-300 mm f3,5 to f4,5
- 250-500 mm f4 to f5,6

The excellent line: Easy to for instance thake the 37,5-125 and combine it with either the 12-35 mm which people may have or the 12-40 people may have. Could be smart.
125-300...Nice combination with the 40-150 Oly or 35-100 Panny. In both cases the overlap or not used FL is not too much of problem I think.

But make some comprehensive and complete line ups. M43s is lacking there!

Again: won't happen, just my dreamscenario.

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