Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

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At a wedding you are being paid to do just that and an A7R brings nothing to the table to help you meet your responsibilities to the client.

I don't know about A7r, but I feel A7 is certainly good enough to nail the moments. I am not going to lie, I missed focus on a shot here or there (could have been my error or camera's I don't remember) but given that I have over 1000 photos from the 2 day event (yes Indian weddings are long too along with the chaos lol), and only a fraction of them make it to the album. In grand scheme of things my few out of focus shots don't matter much.

Like I said my parents' wedding album is spectacular and it was taken in film days using manual focus. Nailing moments is about prediction and timing. i am sure the photographer missed a few shots too back then but when you are delivering an album your end product is what matters not a few shots you may or may not have nailed with better equipment.

Having said that if i was doing wedding i'd probably go buy the new A77m2 or some other camera with better AF LOL.

I understand your points and I would tend to agree but for one significant (IMO) truth.

Times change and with them expectations and standards

Yes; many social events were successfully shot with MF cameras but today they are shot with AF and AF stands to (in the right hands) increase the odds of not missing the critical shots.

Prestigious pros tend to use SOTA equipment designed for the task at hand. True whether you are a photographer or cardiovascular surgeon.

I can see a MILC as a second or specialty camera but not as the lead gun in event photography -

Best -

The lead gun needs dual card slots.
Losing a card full of images can ruin you.

Just going to toss that out there.

It is a feature seen on most "pro" PJ gear and it is there for a reason.

The client is not interested in your sad storey about equipment failure, especially in the context of what is a "once in a lifetime" event -  be it a wedding or an "at bat".

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