EM 1 Spot Meter w Back Button Focus?

Started Jun 19, 2014 | Questions thread
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Abazydlo New Member • Posts: 2
EM 1 Spot Meter w Back Button Focus?

I am trying to figure out how to spot meter with back button focus using the Olympus omd em1. Both physically and technique wise...

For example I am looking to meter off of a back lit subject's face instead of the full scene, but they are not in the center of the frame. Because the subject is usually my 2yr old and moving constantly, back button focusing has been working well for me. How do I incorporate metering off of his face (the off center, locked focus point)?

Physically: It looks like it is supposed to meter with a half press of the shutter when BB focusing is on. However my shutter does not half press when I have BB focus on... Any ideas as to why not?

Technique wise: How does this work??? Right now I am primarily focus and recompose (I will try using the different focus points soon) or touching on the screen to focus then locking it and taking the pics. But if I have recomposed and it is set to meter off the center, by the time I take the second shot (if I have the focus locked) wont the metering be off? Is there a way to tell it just to meter of of the focus point?

I am a beginner so any advice /explanation would be appreciated..


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