Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

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Re: Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

The fact that the A7 cameras don't have dual card slots is reason enough for me not to want to use one for weddings.

If shooting weddings was my profession, I would be shooting a 5D3, or a D800. Aside from having much better AF than the A7 cameras, they have dual card slots. That to me, is huge for covering your own ass. Cards don't fail often, but they do fail. And a lot long standing wedding photograpers have card failure stories. Dual card slots can save you from a nightmare! And a potentially crippling lawsuit that could ruin your career, long term financial wellness, and reputation.

I love my A7R. I sold my 5D2 and 7D because of that. But it's not my career. If it were, I wouldn't use an A7R. I don't think a suitable tool for a pro wedding shooter, personally. Second camera maybe. First, absolutely not.

Other considerations for me would be availability of large aperture zooms, and primes. Warranty support (Canon CPS). And so on.

I think that could change though. We're on the first iteration of full frame e-mount cameras. Adding a second sd card slot, a few more lenses, faster amd better focus (a6000 fast, a7s low light) and they coukd be contenders. a landscape photographer, the A7R is my tool of choice!

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