Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

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Re: Strange question.

nandbytes wrote:

DFPanno wrote:

Oh; I am sure there are very fine amateur photographers here.

I just think that, in general, professional photographers have traveled a lengthy road of experience.

By they time they are purchasing top-tier gear they have figured out the basics.

DSLR vs MILC is a basics conversation; not a pro conversation.

That said:

I can tell you as a rank amatuer that there is no way I would hire a wedding photographer for my daughter that was not shooting a pro DSLR.

Anyone who tells you that they can generate the same predictable outcomes with an A7R in a dynamic social setting is living in a private fantasy.

Formal pics - no problem.

I have outlined my very recent experience with so called professional above -

"I recently did a wedding in India with my A7. Believe you me the wedding there are a lot more chaotic than the ones here in UK. My cousin had hired a professional too and I was just taking pictures for fun. In the end it seems they prefer my pictures to the other guys, and asked if I could do an album. I don't know where to start.... but any way the point is the AF system is good enough for such events IMO. It focussed pretty well indoors with FE35 but it wasn't particularly dark.

Some people did smile at me and some of them I thought I was using a p&s lol. But now my pictures speak for themselves.

That's my limited personal experience anyway, take what you will of it. There is another person who is doing BIF shooting with A7+FE70-200 and being successful. The AF is certainly not at the level of D800 but its not as bad as people make it out to be either."

I need a wedding photographer for my own wedding and I wouldn't hire anyone just because they have expensive equipment and can talk like a pro.

Well - only an idiot would do that right ? I am not an idiot and neither are you.

I have got better outcome with my average skills with an A7 than a person claiming to be a pro with D800. I have seen enough of these kind of people around. I am not saying I can do with A7 what someone good can do with D800, all I am saying it expensive equipment doesn't mean good photographer or good photos.

I am not refering to people "claiming to be a pro"; I am talking about a pro; period.

I think it goes without saying that expensive gear does not necessarily yield superior photos.

It also goes without saying that not all pros can produce similar outcomes.

If you are at a wedding and you or your buddy Jimmy are outshooting the pro then you made a bad choice in photographer !

My outlook is not based on an intuitive understanding as I have both kinds of camera.

My mirror-less cameras are my last choice when I need to "nail the shot" in a dynamic setting.

At a wedding you are being paid to do just that and an A7R brings nothing to the table to help you meet your responsibilities to the client.

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Focus on what you have, not on what you don't.

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