Nikon D9300!

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Re: Coming up on ~6 years of rumors?

There's  even  a D400 website  from 2013

joeybob wrote:

Rumors of the fabled D400 can be tracked on the Nikonrumors website for roughly six years via this link:

There are 13 pages of rumors/stories about the D300/s replacement:

The first story mentioning the D400 dates back to MAY 1, 2008

There have been numerous other camera releases over the course of those 6 years from new "Nikon 1" mount cameras, to 24 megapixel entry level cameras to the 36MP D800, a new "retro" camera, as well as the "Flagship" D7100... Six years in the digital world is a long time.

I suppose it's fine to be optimistic... My hunch however based on all that's happened over those six years (as well as what hasn't happened) is that if the unicorn like D400 or D9300 (or whatever it may be called) finally appears - it won't really be a replacement for the D300/s. Instead it will be a new breed of camera all together.

FWIW, now has a whole new link on it's site: (with 765 comments)...

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