broken 40-150R replacement: WWYD?

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Re: broken 40-150R replacement: WWYD?

Neurad1 wrote:

I fell and broke my 40-150R lens off at its base while in Scotland. I left the pieces there....figured it couldn't be cheaper to repair than to replace, and wasn't sure I'd trust the repaired lens anyway. I only paid $99 for the lens. To make matters worse, I lost the B&W circular polarizing filter (MRC XS Pro) that I had just bought for the lens in late wasn't on the lens when I fell, but I misplaced it somewhere during the trip after "stowing it" because I wouldn't be using it. So there goes another $90.

So....trying to decide what do do now. I own lenses that overlap with this lens in FL (14-150, 35-100 2.8, 100-300), but none as compact/light as the 45-150R. So my question is, would you purchase a new copy of the 40-150R or is there something better now (or coming soon) that would be a superior replacement? IQ is obviously paramount, but size and weight are important, too since I purchased this lens primarily for travel.

Your opinion?

If you enjoy shooting with the 40-150R because of its IQ and compact, lightweight size, it is still one of the "best bang for the buck" lenses available. If you can get one for about $100, grab it. Perhaps sell one of the lenses you have that you don't use much and replace the CP as well.

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