Canon 6D BIF is it capable enough?

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Re: Canon 6D BIF is it capable enough?

Dexs wrote:


If this question has been asked before then I apologise.

But is the 6D capable of taking decent photographs of BIF? 90% of my photography is wildlife and most of the subjects are static, but I need a camera capable of taking good images of moving objects. I have considered the 7D as well but for some reason keep on coming back to the 6D.

I would appreciate your help and thoughts in this matter.

Yes this question or something similar has been asked a fair bit. More in the context of 7D/70D vs 6D. So you may want to scan the forums for the relevant discussions to get more opinions.

I would say, the 7D is a great action orientated camera. It was (some say still is) the best crop camera built for BIF, sports, etc. The 6D is more a low light FF specialist that can also shoot BIF if you are inclined, but that's not its speciality and takes more work to get the results you want.

For my part, I have both 7D and 6D and use them regularly. If I am going out shooting wild birds in good light, and I need the reach (when don't you for birds ), then I grab the 7d. But I grab the 6D for pretty much everything else (i.e. low light or not reach limited (zoos, parks, around town, etc)). If you use the center AF pt then the 6D does fine. AF is very fast and accurate (as good or better than my 7D) even in very low light (here it really beats the 7D). The biggest draw back for me with using the 6D is the frames/sec. Can't remember the numbers off hand but its about 1/2 the number of the 7D. Also, obviously the 6D lacks the zone or focus assist pts of the 7D. I don't use them much so for me its not an issue but if you do, then no contest. And of course you have the crop factor and reach to consider, which also gives an advantage to the 7D for reach limited situations.

So can the 6D shoot BIF? Yes, I do regularly. But is it the best option? That's depends on your use.

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