Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

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Re: Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

philip pj wrote:

A lot of people will prefer to use Nikon for this type of photography - it's their main game, good flash and flash exposure, backup, support, lenses, AF..if you really like the photography side of it you can do it of course, but with a different approach with some compromises.

These cameras are really targeted at enthusiasts not event pros.

I agree on the flash system I think one on nikon works very well. They also provide pro support which I am not sure sony does. But lenses and AF is not an issue on Sony systems. Its not like you need specialist lenses or pro-level tracking for these kind of events. Sony has the normal range covered pretty well on a-mount and they are getting there on e-mount.

but having a big nikon doesn't make one a pro as I have noticed many a times now. I have now seen enough so called pros with big cameras that produce and sell pictures below my standards and I am not even a pro. So a camera is not going to get you or anyone great pictures if you can't use it properly.

We were flicking through my parents album recently where pics were all taken using manual focus and film. They are much better than the recent pics from the wedding the "professional" took with D800. Have very good AF/tracking and the very best flash system is not a substitute for lack of skill.

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