Rokinon vs Samyang 14mm

Started Oct 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
Tuanglen Junior Member • Posts: 40
Re: Rokinon vs Samyang 14mm

muff1nking wrote:

I'm also interested in purchasing either one of these lenses and I noticed there is a weight difference between the two.

The rokinon weighs 1.79lb (814.2 grams) and the samyang weighs 1.17 lb (530 grams). The difference in weight is quite a bit. Both are the chipped version umc version.

Anybody know why there's such a big weight difference? Is one made with more metal or plastic?

I've wondered about this for quite a while. One is supposedly 60% heavier than the other while being exactly the same lens. Nobody seems to even notice the discrepancy much less explain it. I might want it at 530g; I don't want it if it's 814g. Apparently the Nikon-chipped version is both, which doesn't inspire confidence.

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