Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

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Re: Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

JamieTux wrote:

LCplHerold wrote:

Hello everyone.

I am currently a working as a 2nd shooter (and sometimes as 1st) for Wedding/Corporate event gigs.

I currently am invested in Nikon gear (D800E, 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, etc) but I also own a Sony A7r. I only use a Leica 50mm summicron on my A7r so I have no experience with how it autofocuses. When I am shooting I normally carry my A7r w/ Leica 50mm on one shoulder and my D800e on the other with a 70-200mm, this usually covers what I need unless I need a wide shot.

The funny thing is, I find myself shooting far, far more with my A7r than I do with my D800e, and it not the choice in lens. The A7r just feels far more comfortable and reliable (I have never been good at MF with a OVF but with a EVF it is a different story).

So here is my question:

I am contemplating selling ALL my nikon gear and in turn buying an A7, FE 24-70, FE 70-200. Is this a poor idea?

Yes and no - you will still need to have 2 cameras (unless the people you work with have spares - the last thing you want to worry about is trying to free up a locked camera as the first kiss happens
Also the Nikon 51 point AF and 70-200 f2.8 is one of the fastest focussing combinations out there on any system, so if that's your benchmark you will be unhappy! However if you're not using the speed then it's not that big a factor.
Personally I use A99 and A7r, so I have the Sigma 70-200 OS and the LA-EA4 adapter so I still have f2.8 and optical stabilisation.

My one fear is when I do start to 1st shoot more than the AF will murder me, as I hear nothing but complaints about both the A7r's and the A7's autofocus. I get the feeling from the way people trash it than in a lower light scenario I will have next to useless AF.

I've not had an issue but the only FE lens I use is the FE35 so it's not a fair comparison (it's a great combination though

What would you recommend and why?

That you ignore the guy that would hire based on kit not images... You need 2 cameras if you're the main shooter but running 2 systems is expensive so I see the attraction of going down to one - you could always get an A7s as your second camera which would give you the best low light performance you can buy...

Oh and buy lots of batteries!

and a vertical grip

Thank you for your time in reading this.

All the best,

LCpl. Herold

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