The FZ1000 replaces the FZ8, FZ200, FZ70!!!!!

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Love of flying - the FZ8 user experience

kkardster wrote:

Wilco318 wrote:

Mikedigi wrote:

big, heavy" FZ200!

The FZ200, Big and heavy? come on.

I know Mike was joking, but that make the ZS/TZ series for those who want smaller.

Yes, I was, and was not, joking - it is big and heavy compared with an FZ8. I have had both (the FZ8 for 5 years, 2007-2012, as my main camera) and the FZ8 is a different experience in terms of ease of carrying, and in its non-threatening, Toys 'R Us appearance, which I like. And holding an ultralight camera still and steady, which some people seem to think impossible, is all in the mind and muscle control.

Many on this forum have gone the ZS/TZ route, others the FZ, and others use both.

I use both FZ200 and ZS7/TZ10, but my ZS7/TZ10 is not an FZ8 replacement. The EVF is critical to the FZ8 concept, as is the firm one-handed grip.

Like Ive said many times, if they could make the FZ smaller, they would. They used to be when they were shorter, but physics often makes unwanted demands on society.

They already did - the FZ8. As a high quality, Leica Rangefinder-like, high octane concept, an FZ8 upgrade would still be almost the same size as the FZ8 and maybe a little heavier, say up to 425 grammes with battery as against 350 grammes.

Note that I am not saying that it would have a bigger sensor or a much wider zoom range - not a superzoom in FZ200/FZ70 terms. What I said was:

"You may laugh at this, but the tiny FZ8 "needs its own upgrade". I would really love an FZ8 upgrade, under 400 grammes, with a 1/2.3" or 1/2.5" sensor, a 25-400mm lens, a combined manual+power zoom, a free-flight LCD and modern JPEG processing, but with RAW too.

That would be a jewel, a classic, a Mini-Cooper S, a Vespa Sport, an iPad Air . . . . . and I would sell something else to pay the price for it."

I stand by that, except that the weight might have to be up to 425 grammes, and of course I meant a better 1/2.3" or 1/2.5" sensor, not the same one.

And I would buy it, and sell other stuff to pay for it, if necessary.

I am often accused of obsession, which may be true, but obsession in the pursuit of excellence is not necessarily a bad thing, and not harmful to others. And before anyone labels me "arrogant" - I said "pursuit", not "achievement". . . .

I just know that the FZ8 is a unique, addictive user experience, just dogged by a noisy sensor and bad NR that cannot be turned off (why?). Neither my FZ200 nor my ZS7/TZ10 has replaced this unique user experience.

Laugh if you like - but this Leica-like, upmarket niche remains unfilled - and I mean Leica-like in quality, not in weight and all-metal construction. "Plastic" is not "plasticky", for me - it's called modern engineering polymers, and they are absolutely superb. Metal is colder on cold days, too . . . .


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