Is the N1 the action/wildlife kit for me?

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Re: More technical explanation

Thanks Doug.  I appreciate you taking the question for what it was, and the way you replied/answered it.

Dave, you really could stretch that from just about ANY question/statement about photography couldn't you?  Maybe that proverbial soccer mom who expresses concern because when her 5 year old's game goes late, "the pictures get grainy and the colors aren't as nice"?  Or maybe the soccer dad (don't want to be sexist here) who asks why when it's really sunny in the direction of her kid's game, the field sometimes is really dark? The point is that this is a wounded warrior who's looking for a system that takes decent images, has good af so he can take pictures of some wildlife, and of his child's early sports endeavors that he is going to be able to use while suffering from difficulties caused by his injuries.  Discussing the weight of the Nikon 1 system compared to other systems may be relevant.  An ongoing technical discussion on dynamic range and factors which influence is self indulgent.  Of course,we see what an active role the OP's taken in the discussion.  

Ultimately Dave, knock yourself out.  It was just a thought that I offered.....the point being a conversation like this might be better served as it's own discussion, in it's own thread, where people who understand it or are interested in it can partake, rather than in a wounded warrior's thread asking if the N1 system would meet his needs given his disabilities.

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