Is this true about the A77II's burst rate ?

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Re: Is this true about the A77II's burst rate ?

sybersitizen wrote:

kdrk888 wrote:

Thank you everyone for the clarification. Now I think I understand why in the 12 fps mode the aperture is locked to the lens' max., which is no big deal for my usage (70-400mm lens).

Now here is the second question for those who have used the A77II, in the 12 fps mode, since the aperture is locked, can you still set the shutter speed...

It is extremely unlikely that the A77II will let you set the shutter speed in 12fps mode. This has never been a feature of any previous SLT model, all of which take automatic control of the shutter speed at the fastest frame rate.

and let the camera to change the ISO to achieve the proper exposure?

Yes, the A77 allows you to choose AUTO ISO at 12fps, so there is no reason to think the A77II won't.

Diablorini wrote:

I am 99.9% sure I had mine on auto ISO when doing the burst sequences I have linked to in my earlier reply, I had control of the shutter speed, it was set at 1000th of a second...

Please check the underlined statement again and be 100% sure of your response. As I said, this would be a first for any SLT model. You might have set it to 1/1000s in some other mode, but that doesn't mean the camera honored it when you began shooting at 12fps. Try testing this indoors in dim light at 1/1000s.

Ok, so I tried this morning, it is an overcast and grey day here.

Contrary to what I thought there is no manual control of shutter speed, it was simply a coincidence that it was using 1/1000th during my burst sequences from Sardinia.

My default setting when using shutter priority is 1/1000th shutter speed and auto ISO, and so when changing to burst mode with the camera doing all the shots at 1/1000th shutter speed that lead me to believe/think that it was actually using the shutter speed I had set.

What really happens is that the camera will try to reach a shutter speed of 1/1000th by adjusting the ISO (if set to auto), or use the fastest possible shutter speed allowed by the aperture (fixed) and ISO (if manually set by the user).

My ISO set to auto with an upper limit of 1600, and that made it possible for the camera to stay at 1/1000th shutter speed.

Apologies for confusion.

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