A few snaps with Sony FE 70-200mm f4 and a6000

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Not as good AF system? Why do you think so. I have the Gh4, the AF is exceptional. It focusses virtually instantly at -4 eV. I did focustracking yesterday on cars which drove 120 km/h right towards or away from me. With the lens he uses, the 35-100, it was bang on almost everytime at 7,5 fps. Just no misses...for wildlife, it has more difficulties though. So...in total...it is just very good.

I'd love to see that sequence; all the photos. Would be willing to post it?

That must be 1000 pics really. In JPG you can shoot 100 till the buffer fills, which I never reached. So that is a lot to ask. Also, quite a few are shot with the 100-300 which is not doing nearly as well.

i'll see what I can do. Have to resize etc...lots of work...

I am assuming you will be posting those -4EV shots that were done with "instant AF"?

? I don't think I do understand your or that I want to.

I am curious about this often mentioned "instant AF at -4EV" and its widespread use. You mentioned it too, so I was hopeful to see an evidence of that (also to figure out how y'all figure out brightness value of a scene while taking a shot).

Do you not have any?

Oke, thanks for askin. Now I am amazed! I used M mode. Put the thing into ISO 25600, put the fstop at f2.8. The shutter needed 4s to get a good exposure. The focus is within , 0,2 s. Just almost as fast as in good light! Hand held, but still easy to see everything was in focus. Incredibly good.

No, it didn't. It should have focused eventually, however. But then, NEX-6 can too (although I had to REALLY try to stop it down to get 5s shutter speed at 25600 (all ambient light in the room was from the TV), and as you can see, the LCD is pretty much dark (and AF Illuminator is off), but focus is acquired:

But, in the end, don't really see any point to shooting in the dark... unless I am using my ten+ year old Sony F828 which can focus and shoot in complete darkness using infra-red. It can capture image using IR (Night Shot), or a visible light image using flash after having focused using IR (Night Framing).

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