Feel the excitement: D810

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Re: Feel the excitement: D810

Dang it looks like I'll have to sell all my gear & computer equipment just to be able to get one of these babies.

Next I'll have to make sure I get the most expensive pristine glass available.  No Sir'eee, can't use just any old glass, strictly Nikon's finest, biggest, baddest lenses. Nothing else will do.

Next I'll need a new PC to process those super duper 1 million percent improved files.  Heck I'm not even sure a PC on this earth could handle the files from what I've been told.  Some guy over the way across the divide said you needed a 4.33 trigabyte processor with 1024 terabyte of RAM just to get those files to open.

Oh, and the new version of ViewNX810 will be exclusive to the 810, meaning no other camera could use it. Well, that's what my friend, who works over at keep-them-rumors-coming.com said.

It'll be an amazing thing to see a perfectly good working camera no longer working "the way I like" when the new model is released.

Good grief.

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