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Photoshop CC 2014

Adobe held an Applesc - Hello New York, Hello World - conference to announce the all new Creative Cloud 2014 yesterday. Unfortunately it didnt really match the hype for photographers at least.

1) Lightroom 5.5 launched - no noticeable additional functionality. No mention of LR6.
2) LR Mobile update = minor increases in functionality but nothing significant like smart collection integration
3) A whole host of other IOS based apps were launched including a mobile photoshop. A couple of impressive drawing apps, I suspect the mobile photoshop app is a gimmick to show your friends content aware fill.
4) Photoshop CC 2014 was launched. Rather strange to me this downloads as a totally separate program to Photoshop CC. But additional features are not that impressive. Of note...
a) Select areas of image in focus. Could be useful I guess.
b) Smart guides. These look useful.
c) Expanded font collection. Fonts now preview on your text as you scroll over different choices. Very nice.
d) Blur gallery adds non-linear motion and spin blur (as in spinning wheel)
e) Content aware features now include color blending option. This should be good.
f) Pin edges to liquify for warping in from image edges. This is useful but it only applies to the edge of the photo not the edges within the photo.
g) For Windows users. Needs to be turned on in preferences. Scaling of UI 200%. Seems to be a bit extreme to me. Would like adjustable UI scaling.

Possibly the most important news or possibly not. Adobe announced that the current LR and PS price is 'the' price and not an 'introductory price' US$9.95. I have a feeling they did say something similar before. I did notice that the photography offer on the website no longer says 'limited period offer' with it. Given that Adobe hasnt added any killer features since CC was launched, there doesnt seem that much incentive to upgrade from CS6.

A full list of additional features available at

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