Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

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Re: Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

ranalli wrote:

alabaster wrote:

Bo Photo wrote:

What a sensational example of near and far OOF bokeh, and a great pose as well. Absolutely first class.

You're making my credit card squeal.

I gotta be honest though....this photo is very good but it is more the photographer than the lens IMO. I feel he could have done this with nearly any 50mm 1.4.

But this is a great photo though no matter what factors contributed to it.

It has always been the photographer...always has been, always will be. The 58 1.4G will not magically make you a better photographer because it costs $1700. Hell, I've seen some pretty bad photos with the 200 f/2.

I think most people are expecting to be "extremely blown away" by this lens just because of the price tag. Well guess what.. YOU need to blow people away, not the lens. The lens just makes it easier, but the effort is totally on you.

I am in the process of selling my 85 1.4G, and replacing it with this lens............. I'm kinda tired of the 85's predictable nature. To me it's like a faithful wife..kinda boring. Right now I want a girlfriend that parties all night, and that IS the 58.

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