A bit of advice needed (Post Processing)

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Re: A bit of advice needed (Post Processing)

There are numerous approaches to sharpening, I am by no means a master, here are my two humble cents on sharpening for the web.

perform most functions on the full size file, you'll be working with the richest least tainted source.

S curves really can save and or punch up colors and contrast.  What's an S Curve, it's literally apply your curve in the shape of an S.  Two examples, pull the lows up above the line and then the highs down.  Or, just do the opposite Depending on the original exposure.

When you have tuned your WB and or colors then you can run a full sharpen on the full file.

Now you want to decide your output size... 1600 Wide  for larger  landscape or 900 for vertices.  Or 900 & 600 for smaller versions.  You want to reduce twice to get to your target and reduce by an equal amount in between the two reductions.  You want to do a full sharpen again after the first and then use your unsharp mask for fine sharpening before publishing.

If your original file size is under 3000x2000 only reduce once to the final target and sharpen afterwards, if that's too sharp undo it and go to I sharp mask.  If it's not sharp enough then use I sharp mask.

unsharp mast, you want to set the radius to .1, threshold to 1 and then try 100% or higher one time to get your final result.  So if you try 100% and it's not sharp enough undo it and go more aggressive Until you get what you want.

Be careful!  If you magnify and see halos or distortion around edges, you have gone too far!

Again, if sharpen ver does too much, then move to up sharp mask.  If a radius on .1 can't get you there then up the radius to .2, ect.

make sure you don't sharpen so much that it becomes lifeless.

remember that on shallow depth of files like the picture below, you may not get full sharpness as in this photos case the DOF only allowed for 1/3rd of an inch.

In other words, using the right DOF and aperture to begin with has as much to do with or more to do with a great sharp photo as all the processing in the world.  I always try to discipline myself to get it right at capture to limit Post Processing.

I hope this all helps and sorry if it's a bit sloppy!

View original for best result, focus is on yellow tips.

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