My review: Fuji X-T1 vs the Nikon Df

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Re: My review: Fuji X-T1 vs the Nikon Df

Giovanni_1968 wrote:

I own a D800 and am happy with it, don't mind the size when I want the shallow depth of field or the super MP count, if weight/size is a problem then it's not a matter of comparing but matter of choosing a compromise and the XT-1 seems to do well in that dept even though it's an APS-C sensor and as such I don-t see a fair comparison to put it on the side with the DF.

This said I'm lusting after an X-Series camera but am afraid I will be disappointed by the results if I look forward to replicate the D800 (or DF if you prefer) image quality for what it matters portraiture whilst I could be happy with landscaping even though at half or less the res of the Nikon, portrait wise I should get the 56/1.2 to replicate my cheap 85/1.8, landscaping wise the 10-24 could be a very decent lens to suit the needs, I don't need f2.8 for landscaping and a compact and lightweight setup would make me carry the camera more often whilst the APS-C sensor would give me a more extended DOF but, again, with the same money of the 10-24 I could get, say, the 18-35 for Nikon or the even more expensive 16-35VR which matches the field of view and aperture, again, matter of usage and expectations, in my case I would still use the D-SLR with fast primes for portraiture and the mirror less for everyday usage not expecting the same quality and, same important, with less weight to carry but also by investing more money to obtain similar results due to lens cost whereas the DSL-R's 1.8s are nowadays quite cheap vs the MirrorLess ones being still very expensive...

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I think this is the clincher: equivalent lenses are more expensive on mirrorless cameras. If you are out to obtain similar results, you have to spend a LOT more on lenses. The bodies are still somewhat cheaper, though a D600 isn't much more expensive than an X-T1. The D800 is built to higher standards and isn't really a fair comparison.

But even so, the D600 and D800 are quite awkward. The older D200/300 series had much nicer grips and were more comfortable to hold for long periods of time. If/when Nikon figure out how to make a good F-Mount mirrorless camera in the body the size of an X-T1, X-Pro 1, or FE/FM, no matter its cost, in the long run, it will be less expensive and size advantages that currently are in favour of mirrorless will mostly be gone.

I somehow doubt those days will come. Nikon are off in the rough. Ditto Canon.

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