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Re: May be right

Mako2011 wrote:

Sammy Yousef wrote:

Key losses:

1. Old NEFs you saved from CaptureNX2 will likely become unreadable with a decade or 2.

True but I only use copies of original NEF's when processing so that's not really an issue for me. May affect others though.

I like to use the best of my older edits as a starting point for further editing. I admit I don't do it often but it's something on my list of things to play with if I'm ever laid up in a hospital bed or similar.

2. "Upoint" technology. Whichever person or team actually thought it up was brilliant. It can all be simulated using layers and masks but you can't vary it as quickly or easily, which is what makes the technique so useful.

Can be nice. I prefer using masks but for a few things u-point works well.

For quick and dirty edits nothing it's quicker. It's on the same level of productivity speed up for me as Lightroom vs bit editor.

3. Ability to vary certain proprietary parameters in post - most notably ADL.

I do like that. I think you can in NX-D also so may not be a loss. have to see.

Certainly hope it's retained.

Judging by Nikon's attitude of late, I would be fall over on the floor surprised if they did give this new software away for free after beta.

Not sure. I still don't think it a true replacement for CNX2 but you may be right on the cost.

I really hope I'm wrong though.

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