Seeking advice: Nikon Coolpix A or Canon EOS M?

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Re: Seeking advice: Nikon Coolpix A or Canon EOS M?

brownie314 wrote:

I am in the same boat. I have considered the eos-m but decided against it because it is larger than the coolpix a/ricoh gr and really doesn't do anything better - and has worse IQ.

I would (and will) go with either the coolpix a or ricoh GR - probably Ricoh. I have decided against a Fuji because it is too big.

BTW - please tell me where you saw the coolpix a on sale. Seems like a really good deal.

I saw the deal in "Interdiscount", which is a Swiss "electronics discounter" store.
Anyhow, to put the long story short, I eventually went ahead and got it; I was lucky to find another Interdiscount which had one still in its original packaging; and it was the last one. My guess-timate is that the cam didn't sell so well at its original pricing and they now tossed it out at this bargain price.
Proof is here,
I also started a thread in the Canon EOS M forum at the same time, to hear the opinions from the Canon-ites

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