Is the N1 the action/wildlife kit for me?

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Re: Is the N1 the action/wildlife kit for me?

DaveR43 wrote:


According to wikipedia:

"For a given exposure, for example for a fixed focal-plane illuminance and exposure time, larger image sensors capture more photons and hence produce images with less noise and greater dynamic range than smaller sensors. Due to the statistics of photon shot noise, the desirable properties of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and sensor unity gain both scale with the square root of pixel area"

If I have understood this correctly, since the pixel area for Cx is 2.7x2.7 smaller than Fx, the signal-to-noise ratio will scale by

Square root of (2.7x.27) = 2.7, i.e. the crop factor...

Just checking:

It is, by definition, the diagonal of the CX that's FX diagonal/2.7. In this case it doesn't matter: Both sensors are 3:2 aspect ratio, so we can compare diagonals, or linear length, or height!

The area of the CX is 13.2 x 8.8 mm, that is 116.16 sq. mm, while a D800 is 861.6 sq. mm (35.9 x 23), that is 7.4 times bigger, not exactly 2.7 x 2.7. But very close!

So you're right, the crop factor it is ;-)!

I usually simplify it: CX is half a MFT, which is half an APS-C, which is half a FX. And that's almost correct, if not perfectly! MF sensors are less than twice the FX area (for instance, Pentax 645Z is 1.7 times a D800 sensor), but there might be other dimensions?!

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