Sony's new curved sensor - this is a big deal

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Re: so... increase body to decrease lens cost - i.e. peeing against the wind, right?

Sony has two mounts:

A-mount: The SLR mount
E-mount: The Mirrorless mount

yes, you're right, technically speaking.

but if you want to switch an A6000 for A7 you will also need to change the lens or lenses, because an 18-55 won't be of much use to you anymore.

functionally speaking the same is actually true the other way around - while your 28-80 zoom will be perfectly usable on A6000 you'll rather get a 18-55 to not miss the wide angle shots. and the 50mm won't be a "nice portrait lens" anymore but just a normal lens.

in the end it's not so much about just being able to have things work together, but rather to have them working the right way. so, yes, the mount is the same, but the perception of a system does change.

Sensor size has nothing to do with the mount. If Sony wanted, they could introduce an E-mount body with a 1" or m43 size sensor too, and be able to use any of the existing lenses.

no, but with the same mount sensor size has everything to do with building a system - different sensor size means different lenses to cover similar perspectives.

But, it is a choice you make in a system with multiple formats. If you are a Canon or Nikon shooter, you go thru the same exercise. However, Sony and Nikon do give you an option of using an APSc lens on FF bodies which can be handy on some occasions, or to those who maintain an APSc and a FF body.

In fact, Sony has extended this convenience between the two mounts. One could choose to carry a Sony a77 II for sports and a7r for landscape and walkaroud with small native or adapted lenses. And all a77II lenses (FF or otherwise) can be used on a7r.

Having this option is a good thing.

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