Is this true about the A77II's burst rate ?

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Re: Is this true about the A77II's burst rate ?

kdrk888 wrote:

Thank you everyone for the clarification. Now I think I understand why in the 12 fps mode the aperture is locked to the lens' max., which is no big deal for my usage (70-400mm lens).

Now here is the second question for those who have used the A77II, in the 12 fps mode, since the aperture is locked, can you still set the shutter speed and let the camera to change the ISO to achieve the proper exposure? The reason I ask is I am seriously considering the A77II and the 70-400mm G2 for airshows and I need to have the control of shutter speed. I know I have full control in the 8 fps mode, which is ok, but 12 fps will give me a much better chance for some type of shots. Please don't turn this into a "4 fps, 6 fps, 8 fps is good enough if you know what you are doing" type of lecture, I know that.

So the question is, can I still set the shutter speed in 12 fps mode (raw)?

Thank you very much.

I am 99.9% sure I had mine on auto ISO when doing the burst sequences I have linked to in my earlier reply, I had control of the shutter speed, it was set at 1000th of a second and the maximum allowed ISO to 1600.

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