A few snaps with Sony FE 70-200mm f4 and a6000

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Not as good AF system? Why do you think so. I have the Gh4, the AF is exceptional. It focusses virtually instantly at -4 eV. I did focustracking yesterday on cars which drove 120 km/h right towards or away from me. With the lens he uses, the 35-100, it was bang on almost everytime at 7,5 fps. Just no misses...for wildlife, it has more difficulties though. So...in total...it is just very good.

I'd love to see that sequence; all the photos. Would be willing to post it?

That must be 1000 pics really. In JPG you can shoot 100 till the buffer fills, which I never reached. So that is a lot to ask. Also, quite a few are shot with the 100-300 which is not doing nearly as well.

i'll see what I can do. Have to resize etc...lots of work...

I am assuming you will be posting those -4EV shots that were done with "instant AF"?

? I don't think I do understand your or that I want to.

As an example, it is 0.23 AM, so outside it is almost dark now here. Inside I closed the door of the hall to leave a stripe of light coming into it. I set the cam to ISO 25600 at f2.8 with 1/8 s shutterspeed. Idid AF-c and moved the cam through the hall and it performed instantly and nailed virtually every shot. I say that is pretty good low light AF, as it refocusses everytime in every shot with AF-c. Out of 13 shots may be 2 were out of focus.

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