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Re: An idea for Sony

I understand what you're proposing, and I agree that it would be a useful, and easy to implement, option.

It looks like a number of other people aren't getting it.

1. Camera is turned on. Both EVF and LCD are off (not just black, but actually off and not using power).

2. EVF is brought to the eye. EVF sensor turns the EVF on. Photo can be composed and shot.

3. EVF is moved away from the eye. EVF turns off.

4. If auto-review is enabled, LCD will turn on and display just-taken photo.

5. If auto-review is not enabled, Play button can be used to turn on LCD and review images.

With this arrangement, EVF and LCD are only on when they're being used. This should save battery life without having to shut the camera off or wait for sleep mode.

This is how Fujifilm does it on the XT1 in EVF Eye Sensor mode

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