Sony's new curved sensor - this is a big deal

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Re: so... increase body to decrease lens cost - i.e. peeing against the wind, right?

No, again there are 2 mounts, covering FF, which leaves the option to produce lenses covering a smaller image circle for smaller sensors, such as APS-C. And the minolta A mount was FF from the start, for one because it was used on 35mm film bodies. Even if your claim is that Sony introduced APS-C format A mount cameras, you'd be wrong, since Minolta did that before them.

right. thanks for correction, I even had a chance to use the D7D back when it was news (lovely piece of equipment, just not the AF system).

For example, I'm using a sharp 135mm f/2.8 prime from 1987 on modern A mount bodies covering both FF and APS-C formats. It focuses fast and images are stabilized.

this is the same with Canon's EF to EF-S compatibility. or Nikon F(X) to DX. in Nikon's case it also works the other way around like Minolta/Sony, with the same effect you mention below. Canon, for some stupid reason, decided to make EF-S physically "unfit" for EF bodies (claiming that recessed rear element should improve corners). can't say if this is anyhow justified. but nevertheless... to me this compatibility is a moot point - I don't really think many people are buying a $2000 24Mpix camera to use just 10Mpix out of the center.

With an adapter the same can be said using it on E mount bodies, minus stabilization.

with an adapter I can have virtually tenths of mounts compatible with my mirrorless Fuji. except I'll need to stop down my Canon lenses in a Canon camera before mounting them on Fuji X-E1 - actually not a bad thing if the small camera is used as lens extender to a telelens already mounted on a tripod. but otherwise veeeery, very clumsy

And it even works vice versa using APS-C format lenses on FF sensor equipped bodies. Fully functional, but obviously not with a FF image circle, minus exceptions with some APS-C lenses that nearly or fully cover a FF sensor at certain focal lengths. This cannot be said of Canon, where APS-C lenses will not fit FF bodies.

very true. and in case of Canon it looks rather forced on users not really necessary

To put the compatibility and usual "the sky is falling for Sony lenses or lack of" claims into perspective.

Sure, Sony needs to produce lenses covering the different formats for both mounts and they are (never fast enough). But many of the FF lenses (especially those around 70mm and above) are just as welcome for the APS-C bodies, because those would have been similar in size and weight had they just covered an APS-C circle.

I could also put the "hundreds of EF/EF-S lenses to choose from" into a perspective in Canon's world. because there are a lot of different lenses you can put on Canon's APS-C cameras... just not those lenses many users would want to. I've used Canon's crop for a couple of years quite recently ditched it, pretty pi*d off about their policy towards crop users. there are no EF-S wide angle primes, no decent, well built but small and light 50-135 zoom and their only optically sound travel zoom is 15-85 which on a 60D or even a 600D is quite far from being small.

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