The FZ1000 replaces the FZ8, FZ200, FZ70!!!!!

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Re: yes except size / weight

antoineb wrote:

. . . . . . Only issue for me, is that my beloved FZ8 (hugely flexible camera, but limited IQ) weighed just 310 grams. And then my beloved FZ18 weighed just 360 grams and still just fitted in some smaller pockets on my backpack or some large jacket pocket.

I wrote:

"You may laugh at this, but the tiny FZ8 "needs its own upgrade". I would really love an FZ8 upgrade, under 400 grammes, with a 1/2.3" or 1/2.5" sensor, a 25-400mm lens, a combined manual+power zoom, a free-flight LCD and modern JPEG processing, but with RAW too.

That would be a jewel, a classic, a Mini-Cooper S, a Vespa Sport, an iPad Air . . . . . and I would sell something else to pay the price for it."

In other words, an FZ8 upgraded into a "mini-FZ1000" under 400 grammes would get me buying it at any reasonable price.

But the FZ1000 weighs 830 grams. That's of course lighter than my DSLR coupled to a long zoom lens for flexibility) which gets to 1500 grams. But that's also 2.3 times the weight of my beloved FZ18. Of course the IQ should be massively better - but still.

And the FZ1000 is also between 20pc and 50pc larger depending on which dimension you look at.

I wrote:

"Personally, I am not about to dump my FZ200, 588 grammes, for any camera weighing 831 grammes like the FZ1000. I am much more likely to stay with the FZ200 and, say in a couple of years, buy a used FZ1000 as cheaply as possible, give it a whirl for a few months, then resell it on Ebay. I have been there several times with good DSLRs, they did not stay long, they were too big, too heavy, and a hassle."

In other words, I agree completely with what you are saying.

So, I'm happy and interested and I might still buy one. But I might also end up with a Sony RX100 with same size sensor but much more portable, of course at the expense of less zoom.

They say the RX-100 is a great camera, but around 25-400mm EFL is my preferred zoom range. As I mentioned above, an FZ8 upgrade under 400 grammes (or maybe under 450 grammes) could have 25-400 mm.

Of course, the FZ1000 already has 25-400 mm, and I am greatly impressed by it, but as already mentioned, I am not a a natural buyer for it at 831 grammes.  I was greatly impressed by the FZ50 (734 grammes) and handled several of them, but I never bought one, as I was sure that I would leave the FZ50 at home and take the FZ8 with me.

My FZ200 is a compromise for me, I would prefer something smaller and lighter, and I have a belt camera, the ZS7/TZ10 (I see you have one too) which is handy when I do not want to carry the "big, heavy" FZ200!  


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