Bragging about our expensive mirrorless/DSLR vs a point and shoot

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Re: Yes, you were quite Incorrect

DocetLector wrote:

To me the camera should have used a wider aperture because the whole photo is underexposed.

It could, if the flash wasn't used.


Setting a wider aperture would have had a better effect using the flash. For many years now I spend the whole summer in Greece and have been shooting thousands of pictures on or near the beech with my 10 years old Fuji S3 and most of the time I am just using the in camera flash if DR is not within the limits.

You're talking about an old Fuji S3 P&S camera (I couldn't find one) or the S3 Pro? If it's the S3 Pro, that camera has it even worse than the X-E1 according to this review :

One place where a significant change was made is flash. The S3 Pro is now a D-TTL camera, which means significant restrictions for multiple and wireless flash (no TTL), and a pre-flash that's not cancelable. Flash sync is 1/180.


So since it can't sync at 1/250, the aperture needed for the same exposure would have been smaller than f/18 and I doubt that the guide number for its internal flash is significantly higher than the X-E1's.


At mostly ISO 160 which is not very different to ISO 200 nearly all of my pictures are well exposed. And I am all the time shooting JPEG, so I can only make minor corrections. So I really do not understand why somebody has to buy a Sony PS to get decent results.

Because the Sony and most P&S cameras have flashes that can sync (and shoot) at much higher shutter speeds. This is what makes it possible to use the wider apertures that prevent underexposed photos when more light is needed from the flash. The fast shutter speeds don't reduce the flash's effective power, only the smaller apertures do.

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