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Re: We are very selfish people

darklamp wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

  • We are...... 5% of the world's population
  • We have...... 5% of the world's mobile phones
  • We use up..... 8% of the world's fresh water supply
  • We have........ 15% of the world's television sets
  • We consume.... 25% of the world's natural resources
  • We have about... 26% of the automobiles in the world
  • We own around... 33% of the privately owned guns in the world
  • Will fill up at least... 50% of the internet

But before you start looking your nose down at us, the same disparities apply to other western industrialized nations. Perhaps not in the same magnitude, but certainly in the same direction.

Just to point out that most industrialized countries have much stricter laws on personal possession of firearms, often very close to total bans. Most of them don't understand your country's unwillingness to control them more.

The US is nowhere near 50% of the world's internet users. In fact you're probably not more than 10%. Asia ( unsurprisingly ) and Europe dwarf US user numbers.

Not users. Usage. Not many countries have Netflix available in almost any TV, disk player etc, which uses most of the traffic in the US in peak hours.

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