Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

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Re: Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

ranalli wrote:

I gotta be honest though....this photo is very good but it is more the photographer than the lens IMO. I feel he could have done this with nearly any 50mm 1.4.

But this is a great photo though no matter what factors contributed to it.

You are correct in saying there are more factors than just the lens. It takes a good photographer to create good images with this lens. Expensive gear never makes up for lack to skills or vision. I can say after shooting with the 50mm f.18g for a couple of years and now shooting with this lens, this is not just "any 50mm lens".

I have seen some really bad photography done with the 58mm f1.4g as examples of "see it's not that great". And honestly I don't think, from the examples I've seen, that this lens really shines on a DX camera either. This lens becomes just one factor in the final image but IMHO, removing this factor would degrade the image visibly.

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