A few snaps with Sony FE 70-200mm f4 and a6000

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Re: Why...

Jorginho wrote:

Not as good AF system? Why do you think so. I have the Gh4, the AF is exceptional. It focusses virtually instantly at -4 eV. I did focustracking yesterday on cars which drove 120 km/h right towards or away from me. With the lens he uses, the 35-100, it was bang on almost everytime at 7,5 fps. Just no misses...for wildlife, it has more difficulties though. So...in total...it is just very good.

The A6000 is also very good. They claim it has the fastest auto focus system.

What Gh4 has over A6000 is controls on cam

Controls on the A6000 I find just fine.

, weather and dustsealing

That is a plus.

, a swiveling touchscreen,

I really don't like the Canon style side screen. I can't work with that. I much prefer the A6000 setup.

a better EVF,

The EVF on the A6000 is just fine.

DSLR like battery life,

I just ordered two Wasabi batteries including charger and car charger for under $40 CDN delivered. I find the battery lasts pretty darn long, but for on vacation I'd like to have an extra one.

a good body for the larger lenses too.

The body size of the A6000 is turning out to be pretty good! The grip is just so that with a 18-105 lens, I can balance it off of the tips of my fingers, kind of how I was handling my previous DSLR.

It has been such a joyu to use, I would not hve believed it.

I'm also very pleased with the A6000.

And yes: 4K of video on top of that.

That is something I would love to have. Better video. The video of the A6000 is much better than from the SLTs, so that was a good step forward for me, but 4k video and slightly higher straight HD video would be nice. But even though video is important for me, I was willing to make a compromise, because of all the other advantages. Still quality is also very important and the A6000 is better for that.

So that is what it has over A6000 which at that price is what you coudl expect too.

So, for me, that's only the sealing and the 4K video, but the downsides are too much to bear.

A6000 is probably the best sub 1000 dollar mirrorless cam around, don't get me wrong. But everything comes at a price.

I think that in order to match the A6000 in any department at all, you have to spend at least 2.5 to 3 times as much. The GH4 is an exception for video. For everything else, I'm not worried.

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