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Re: Flash for A6000?

Well the HVL-F20M would seem on the surface to be a good fit.   But watch out.  As a first time Sony camera user, I did buy the HVL-F20M when my A6000 was pre-ordered from what turned out to be inadequate information. After researching the Sony variety of hot shoes and compatibilities at depth which I see as a mini nightmare, then contacting Sony customer service, I regret buying that model.  My intent as someone that does considerable nature close-ups was to get a flash I could use off camera in order to not be limited to a flat view without shadowing, a camera mounted flash is stuck with.  I found it odd the Sony system for the camera did not actually have something to fill that niche.   And how confused the user community seemed to be with all these shoe types and adaptors needed.  The two adaptors and cable to get a person to that point cost almost as much as the flash itself.

Mounted atop the camera the flash works fine. And bounce flash is excellent.   However when my flash is mounted on a cable, it intermittently gets into an illegal mode where it turns itself off and will not immediately turn back on whether mounted on the camera or off, cable disconnected.   Oddly to get it to turn back on, I have to unbend and bend the power on switch OFF ON OFF from 8 to 12 times after which it usually turns on and charges.   That is possibly why Sony did not offer an accessory for that purpose because during Engineering they belatedly found the flash did not work well off the camera so quietly decided to discourage that use.  Supporting that speculation is the fact the Sony store website is strangely quite absent of any information about adaptors or cables for doing so and their sales people don't even have any information which is how I got into trouble.

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