system Consolidation : Need help with A6000/A7.. decisions decision

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Re: system Consolidation : Need help with A6000/A7.. decisions decision

On top of that, depending on your budget and IQ needs, maybe look for secondhand Touits?

I came from a somewhat similar arrangement as you and if price were no object:

1. Don't use fisheye sorry
2. Touit 12/2.8, or just keep the Tokina. I recently bought in on the double Touit deal to retire my 11-16. It was a great tool, even on my NEX6, but the Touit rightfully blows it out of the water in every way besides focal length. The 10-18 is nice too but the current market price of the Touit makes it much less advantageous.
3. Zeiss 16-70/4. Is that fast enough? I don't have much experience with it but I know people that have grown to absolutely love it.
4. Sony 70-200/4. Seems like a nice bit of kit. Otherwise just keep the Tamron.

I also see little reason the ditch your 5N, and even less reason to buy an A7. I've wanted to go FF since my Nikon days, but upon reflection it was better off investing in good (not necessarily FE) glass. That was what was holding me back from replacing my Tokina, but last week I just bit the bullet and went for the Touit. For me, 18mm effective FL with Zeiss glass seemed good enough for the vast majority of my wide angle shooting.

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