Mac setup and dual screen calibration?

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Re: Mac setup and dual screen calibration?

Mark K W wrote:

Mekutotokuchiri wrote:

The yellowish tint is based on comparison with the blueish tinted laptop screen. I should have used cool/warm instead of yellow/blue to describe it. However, you may be right that something is not as it should be, and I'll need to look into that.

In my experience, an uncalibrated screen (mine), appears blueish (or cold as it were), while my calibrated screen appears yellowish (or warm, concordantly). Rather, when calibrated, the tones become warmer, more pleasant to view, compared to the harsh and cold uncalibrated screen.

Uncalibrated/profiled just typically means the OS is loading some default manufacturer-supplied profile. I would not generalise to say that gives any particular color shift. Calibration/profiling is not done to change the mood of the portrayed image style - it is done to makes the colors and brightness/contrast, etc., accurate to reference as measured by the calibration puck.

As for editing scenario, I'm probably looking at doing something similar to what you describe. Having the main LR window on the laptop and doing edits on the large screen.

You do not have any real sensible alternate choice with your choice of 13" MBA plus 27" external monitor (not meaning that in a nasty way, just that is what your kit can in practice do. There may be some other tricks others know of how to get the MBA screen set-up to be more color-accurate, but I simply use the Apple supplied factory profile for my old MBP's screen, and just accept that that is not color-accurate for my exact panel sample).

I'll be revising my calibration procedures for sure. Basically, I just ran the wizard and I went with what I got. That's what I get for not delving into the specifics of it, I guess.

As for editing setup, I concider your input valuable. And it seems sensible, judging by the (lack of) capacity in terms of the MBA screen. I figured I have two screens, why not utilize them to the maximum extent possible.

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