Bragging about our expensive mirrorless/DSLR vs a point and shoot

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Re: Yes, you were quite Incorrect

DocetLector wrote:

Sorry, my mistake! At 100% I can see the reflections of a flash in eyes and glasses. But I still don`t understand why the whole picture is so much underexposed. I only can assume a faulty camera or wrong settings.

No, I think that the camera just ran up against its limits. The camera chose 1/250th sec. for the shutter speed and f/18 for the aperture. It couldn't use a wider aperture because that would have called for a faster shutter speed to maintain the same exposure, and it couldn't use a faster shutter speed because when the flash is used, the max. sync speed prevents the shutter speed from going any faster. That's due the the way Fuji's focal plane shutters work.

Fuji's blade shutters (inside the lenses) in the X100, X100s and the electronic shutters in most compact cameras allow much faster shutter speeds, as high as 1/4000 in some cameras and possibly faster. That lets them use much wider apertures, and then the foreground and background gets the same exposure from the ambient light, but the wider aperture more fully utilized the internal flash's light. If f/5.6 could have been used, the flash could have lit up the subjects the same way a monster flash that's about 20 times as powerful would light up the subjects at f/18, if that much light was actually needed.

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