Sony's new curved sensor - this is a big deal

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Re: so... increase body to decrease lens cost - i.e. peeing against the wind, right?

peevee1 wrote:

steelhead3 wrote:

My apc is not outdated having come out a week ago (79 pt AF and 12 fps) with a new 24 mpix sensor. Does your brand have something to share or is it "outdated"?

You really have troubles with reading comprehension? Brand new $2500 A7s with an APS-C lens turns into 4mpix APS-C camera, is that outdated enough for you?

Your math seems more troublesome, since it's 5.1 MP (2768 x 1848) and besides that, singling out one camera doesn't support a general claim that cropping a FF camera to APS-C or really, the option to use APS-C lenses makes it somehow "outdated" (say what?).

Weird reasoning.

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