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Re: I am interested, a few items I'll be looking at

rubank wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

rubank wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

The AF accuracy is not so relevant at 16MP (D4s) but is very important at 36MP.

For the same output size there is no difference

(which doesn´t mean I don´t think accuracy is very important...).

I am assuming one uses all res that is available. If I were interested in printing only at 16MP, there would be no reason to go for the D810.

I have no idea what you mean by "printing only at 16 MP".

But if you make , let´s say, A3 prints from both there will be no difference in focus if both cameras have the same AF accuracy. If you make A2 prints I don´t think you will see any difference in focus performance either.

And the notion that 36 MP will have no value unless you make very big prints is a false presumtion.

Totally agree.

36 Mp has great value when printing large group of people in a portrait setting for a double page panoramic in an album for example, and also for landscapes holding a lot of detail in mid to large prints. Lastly, being able to crop into a scene and still have lots of detail and resolution is very welcome, and useful, especially if the lens that was available was not long enough on telephoto such as birds etc.

16 MP may be enough for some people or 24Mp, so for them they may not choose a 36mp camera.

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